1-1 CBT Counselling 

Steps to positive functioning incl confidence, mindfulness, and wisdom!  

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"I am still learning"

-Michelangelo (at age 87) 

If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits (not your abilities)!

 Corporate: "Staff Matter"

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 Corporate: "Staff Matter"

If not now, when .. 


Want to feel more confident? Happy? 

Less down, stressed or worried?​   

We can help!  Talk to us in confidence about our wide range of supports, and let 'better' begin today!

​* Attractive and flexible gift vouchers also available, e.g. a meditation voucher can be put to any of our supports.

  The I Can Centre™ is a social development psychology and counselling centre that changes lives. In community venues around the region (Dublin-Belfast), we offer 1-1 CBT, and a range of informal courses for the general public. In this way, cross-community attendees gain insights and techniques:

  • to prevent / manage low mood, and all types of anxiety, and
  • to develop potential towards the best and finest version of ourselves, which includes optimal health, happiness and well-being  (see centre brochure.pdf). 

So, do attend any of our workshops - for information, prevention, or support! Let us show you, or your staff, how to manage negative feeling states and develop potential towards the best possible you, e.g. become someone who says: "
I can manage stress / anxiety / anger / low mood", or 'I can stop worrying / smoking / shopping / procrastinating', or "I can be happy / confident / myself". 

Dare to believe at The I Can Centre™ and let 'better' begin today!

 Corporate: "Staff Matter"

Been through abortion?  Please tell us your story in a new study starting shortly.

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Manage compulsions, cravings and habits incl cleaning, shopping, and facebooking   

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