1-1 CBT Counselling

- For a 90-minute 1-1 CBT consultation and assessment the cost is £80 / €120 per session (DAKtivists can get a discount of £15 / €20)

  • ​In NI: a course of five further sessions, after the initial consultation session, can be booked ahead for £300 (or £80 per session).
  • In RoI:5 sessions after the consultation session can be booked ahead for €500.  

Further discounts (up to £50 / €100) are available to suitable clients who give written consent to have part/some sessions videoed for the purposes of supervision, which is part of good practice.These recordings never leave the possession of the therapist, they are encrypted  and deleted securely after supervision. Also, the focus for experienced supervisors is on therapist practice, not the client;  plus supervisor feedback can be very beneficial in offering clients a second perspective. 



* all new 1-1 CBT clients are invited to have a brief discussion by phone (FREE of charge) to establish initial suitability before their consultation appointment is booked.

** Those who have completed "Stress Busters" are likely to need fewer 1-1 CBT sessions.

All payments will be acknowledged