1-1 CBT Counselling

- For a 90-minute 1-1 CBT consultation and assessment the cost is £80 / €120 per session (DAKtivists can get a discount of £15 / €20)

  • After the initial consultation session, a course of five further sessions can be booked ahead for £300 (or £80 per session).
  • In RoI  5 sessions can be booked ahead for a discounted rate of €500; there may be further discounts on Sat appointments depending on availability.


(NOTE: all new 1-1 CBT clients are invited to have a brief discussion by phone (FREE of charge) to establish initial suitability before their consultation appointment is booked. Also, those who have completed "Stress Busters" are likely to need fewer 1-1 CBT sessions.)

All payments will be acknowledged


​If cost is a problem, please do talk to us as we may be able to offer sliding scales.

- For mindfulness meditation, the drop-in or guest rate per class is £10 / €15 for those that have completed at least one six week course.

- "Mindfulness Meditation". 6 week course: £75 / €99  (unemployed £45 / €85).  

​- "Stress Busters": for the six-week course which includes handouts and certificates the usual cost is ​£85 / €95  (in NI, those unemployed AND on/within six months of completing the Condition Management Programme can attend FREE spaces permitting, i.e. we typically have at least five CMP places per course offered on a first-come-first-served basis).

*Please note costs can vary slightly, depending on the venue/region