At The I Can Centre™ we engage in multi-disciplinary research and training with a vision of 'health and well-being for all'. Towards this vision,  we work collaboratively with statutory and non-statutory partners to understand health and well-being challenges, and find community emotional- and behaviour change solutions that are also timely, feasible, effective evidence based. For instance, some recent projects include:

  • primary and/or secondary data analyses incl focus groups, surveys and interviews
  • literature reviews on a wide range of topics
  • research on kindness as a model for business and communities (see our sister site
  • research evaluating solutions to improve emotional and physical health and well-being;  these can include interventions to manage compulsions and cravings
  • research inspiring health and well-being among older adults, which includes community interventions towards age friendliness (see,
  • research on interventions with young people (see, and
  • research and training for health professionals and business  incl culture change, and workshops to manage stress (see our corporate section).
  • Mood Survey:
  • CBT Baseline form: 

      ​​We work professionally  and ethically with:

  • counselling students from the main universities and colleges
  • trainees from CBT PG Dipl courses who wish to do their placement with us (applications Sept / Jan)
  • research students at undergradate, Masters (MSc / MBA) and doctoral levels*
  • business studies and/or marketing students

 1-1 CBT Counselling 

Recent Professional Activities: Research

Supervision of students 

       Recent activities  

  • Completed a 2017 second edition academic textbook in developmental psychology (with Prof Peter Coleman, University of Southampton) -  see right for more information
  • Represented Ireland at the European Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) in Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 2016
  • Presented a symposium paper on managing stress at the annual conference of the British Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), June  2016
  • Completed several commissioned pieces of research on age friendliness
  • Ongoing evaluations of our community courses incl a new teen version of the adult Stress Busters course
  • Excellence Award given for the best case study at the BABCP 2014 annual conference in a poster outlining CBT treatment for social anxiety. Co-authors were Gerard McAleer and Dr Joanne Younge.

 Corporate: "Staff Matter"

The problem is not that life is so short, but that we wait to long before we start living!

We offer a range of educational courses and workshops to diverse groups, incl community and corporate

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 Professional training

*New psychology textbook in press