Compassion and kindness underpins everything we do. For this reason, all our clients, friends and supporters, plus their families and friends, are encouraged to become DAKtivists™ - those who commit to performing at least one daily act of kindness for themselves, or others in their families, organisations, or communities.  DAKtivism™ is another I Can Centre concept that we hope will offer further peer opportunities for learning, fun, and support while also improving the well-being and lives of others.  More on this initiative will follow shortly - keep checking our facebook page, or our sister site at Kindness Centre website [click here]. 

Public involvement - The I Can Centre Actioners  

We welcome public involvement and advise regarding the strategic direction of The I Can Centre so that our services and supports are carried out ‘with’ members of the public rather than ‘to’, or ‘for’ them. This public involvement group contributes to the development of new courses, gives feedback on teaching, and generally helps ensure that fair and timely support is available for different community groups.* All Centre subgroups have / will have representation on this committee, incl "Young Stress Busters", "Real Strength", and "AgeSPIRE".   Often committee members are those who have attended one or other of our courses.  

* This group will never have access to clinical or identifying information from the Centre.  


​​​Social opportunities to meet with like-minded others 

The I Can Centre offers a range of social opportunities and meet-ups for men and women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures etc to meet or socialise with like-minded others who have an interest in health and well-being. These social events are organised by members for members, and are open to all those who attend our classes and courses, plus their guests. Some of these groups are just getting underway, but we hope you will give them your full support.  

Moodsters - those with an interest in mood / stress

"Medsters" is the name we coined to describe those who have completed our six week mindfulness meditation course. Those graduating from this basic 6 week mindfulness meditation class  are encouraged to join Medsters, to avail of discounted prices at further meditation classes. Medsters are also encouraged to meet socially with each other, incl fellow-Medsters who have completed the same course from around the region.  

While "youngsters" describes people who are young, "Moodsters"  describes those with an interest / some basic training in 'mood', i.e. members of the public who have completed our 5-week Stress Busters course [click here], or its 1-1 CBT equivalent, and have an interest in health and well-being.  Moodsters avail of discounted prices at our "I Can Centre" classes and events, including meditation classes. Moodsters also go out socially for fun, enjoyment and further ongoing peer support, and meet once a month for Stress Cafe - an informal catch-up and craic over tea/ coffee while chatting and trouble-shooting with like-minded others, techniques to manage stress, anxiety, low mood etc.

NOTE: We have a "Young Moodsters" subgroup (for those aged around 18-34) and an "Over 60s Moodsters" subgroup getting underway. 

Medsters - those who meditate