Caution: Meditation is one of a wide range of methods used to reduce stress and enhance health and quality of life.  However, where people are especially anxious or worried, it may be better to do the six week CBT Stress Busters course before / alongside meditation – to learn more about the psychology of stress/worry and gain a wider range of techniques to manage anxious / busy thoughts. For those who are feeling very down, it might be better to complete Blues Busters before/alongside meditation for the same reasons. 

Some potential benefits of meditation

  • Increased physical relaxation
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Helps reduces anxiety
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Enhances energy and vigour
  • Helps with weight loss and cravings
  • Decreases the aging process
  • Prevents or eases chronic pain
  • Reduces need for health services
  • Helps with self-confidence
  • Helps with focus & concentration
  • Improves learning ability and memory
  • Develops intuition and creativity 
  • Increases productivity
  • Eases stress
  • Increases sociability
  • Helps with insomnia and sleep problems
  • Helps reduce anxiety and worry
  • Increases compassion and kindness
  • Increases self-acceptance
  • Enables greater joy by living in the present ​

Mindfulness / Kindfulness Meditation

The value of mindfulness 
Mindfulness refers to the non-judgmental attention and acceptance of the present moment. Instead of getting distracted or caught up in the past, or the future,  the focus is on bringing attention fully into the present moment by observing 
whatever thoughts and feelings arise with friendly curiosity, interest and acceptance (Teasdale, et al, 2014). The practice of mindfulness mediation can be viewed as a means towards developing wisdom.  Mindfulness is also one of a wide range of techniques that can enhance health and well-being (see red box). In our meditation we bring kindness and compassion into the meditation, rather than being a state to be achieved later.

We recommend a low-cost six-week course of kindfulness meditation which builds and deepens practice week-on-week. As with all our courses these classes are open to those of all ages, backgrounds, cultures etc.  New six week courses start almost every month. We recommend that people do the six-week course, however, drop-in / per-session guests are also welcome.  


The cost of our six-week kindfulness meditation courses can be seen on our 'shop' page. 

Venues and times for our classes will be listed in our calendar
[click here], but do also keep checking our facebook page for the most up-to-date information, incl any changes in venues or class times. 

​- we do need a minimum number for classes to run;  if the minimum number is not met in a given venue we put people onto a mailing list for further updates.