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As an alterative to 1-1 CBT, try one of our informal community psychology courses which can be for information and personal development, as well as support. We have 20+ years of experience and expertise in psychology, counselling, and education in order to offer five sequential low-cost, evidence based personal development community courses that can help you become the finest version possible of you! For us, these higher order developmental and mood states are not possible, unless people have techniques in place to manage earlier life challenges like low mood, stress, cravings and/or compulsions. Consequently, to support personal development, we recommend people begin with Stress Busters I (if feeling down / depressed especially) or Stress Busters II, and progress up the levels accordingly  

Level 1:In the Stress Busters I course learn how what we do affects mood, and how changing behaviour can help us feel better.

Level 2:In the six-week Stress Busters II course learn how our thinking affects mood, and how to manage busy, stressed, angry or worry thoughts.

Level 3:In Stress Busters III learn to manage all kinds of stress-related compulsions and cravings.

Level 4:With the basics in place, it is time to learn to make mindful, compassionate choices toward happiness and well-being. Happiness cannot occur where people are down or anxious (therefore doing at least Stress Busters II is highly recommended before doing this course). At level 4, take deliberate steps towards greater happiness, well-being and purpose. 

Level 5: Our journey inwards continues as we talk informally, and without jargon, about continuing development towards the very best and finest versions of ourselves - evident through genuine and mindful awareness, confidence, creativity, compassion and wisdom.  (By invitation only.)​

Learn to make mindful choices toward happiness, well-being and contentment.

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Learn techniques to manage stress-related compulsions, cravings and habits.

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The problem is not that life is short, but that we wait so long before we start living!

Level 4: Happiness 

Seems impossible? Too hard? Then just try .. if only so that you learn what you think you cant do!  Be brave! Give it your all!  See success!

                                   Ann (Centre Director)

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 Level 1: Behaviour change

 Level 3: Compulsions

 1-1 CBT Counselling 


Level 2: Thoughts/ thinking

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