Enquiries welcome


If you are considering booking an appointment with us, or would like to refer someone to us, we would be delighted to hear from you and to chat in confidence.  Indeed a short phone conversation is FREE and highly recommended before booking a first assessment session.  We offer a choice of day and evening appointments and can usually book a first appointment within seven days.  The first step is  to give us a call, drop us an email or use our quick enquiry form (see "Contact Us" page). We do endeavour to respond to all enquires within one day at most.  

At your first session, the therapist will introduce him/herself, and explain more about the therapy on offer.  She/he will also enquire further about the main problems you are going through. Following this initial session, and if continuing is in your best interests, you will be asked to agree a ‘contract’ with your therapist. This contract will spell out things like the fee you will pay, how often you plan to attend and the number of sessions agreed (usually a maximum of six per course of therapy). This process allows you and your practitioner to be clear about what will happen.  This contract however is not a legally binding document and you are perfectly entitled to decide to stop coming at any time. However we would always encourage you to talk about this with your practitioner first.

After the initial consultation session, clients typically pay up-front for a course of therapy (6 sessions),  and in line with similar others, clients may "lose" a session where there is non-attendance, or where the cancellation is less than 24 hours.  We will always do our best however to accommodate clients, as we do appreciate the way that last minute things crop up. Therefore, no  "loss" of a session will occur where we can reschedule another client, or where we have not yet set out to a given venue. This means that while clients should be prepared to lose a session,  they should also give us as much notice as possible re cancellations so that we can work to minimise or avoid any losses or disruptions. Additionally, this time together is very important and really precious, so clients should do their absolute best to attend on time and to engage fully in each allotted session.  

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