“The I Can Centre” is part of a wider set of cross-community, social-development initiatives urgently promoting kindness and compassion at all levels of society. For individuals, compassion can contribute towards improved health, happiness, well-being, life satisfaction, and even increased longevity. Within organisations, a culture of compassion and kindness can reduce stress and absenteeism, and enable staff to be happier, healthier, more motivated and more productive. Within communities, negative states such as anger, bitterness and hatred cannot survive when confronted with thoughts or acts of kindness and compassion. Further information will be available shortly at AKinderSociety.org

 Please do connect with us on Twitter, and/or Facebook for up-to-date information on news, and new community courses. One-to-one CBT is available all year around, and indeed this support may be free with a trainee for suitable clients. 

Director: Dr Ann O'Hanlon, BA (Hons), MSc, PhD
The person responsible for all of our training, research and counselling activities is psychologist, author and CBT Therapist Dr Ann O'Hanlon. 

  • Ann completed two advanced degrees in psychology from the University of Southampton, and 5 years of postdoctoral psychology and research training at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 
  • At Queens University Belfast, Ann also completed a  Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (with distinction), and a BABCP accredited Postgraduate  Diploma in Cognitive  Behavioural Therapy (with commendation).  
  • Clinically, Ann has worked with a range of clients in public and private healthcare settings, incl the N.H.S. She has also taught in higher education for nearly twenty years, and presented her research at more than 400 conferences and scientific meetings around the world. 
  • Ann has also published many scientific journal papers and books on physical and emotional health, including a second edition 2017 academic textbook in psychology for use by undergraduates and postgraduates [click here]
  • ​Ann hails from Ireland, and completed her primary and secondary education in Wexford. ​When not working she enjoys music, particularly the piano. More bio information here on linkedin: [click here]

"Believe you can and you're halfway there" - Theodore Roosevelt

       We believe that negative thoughts and thinking can underpin the experience of stress, anxiety and low mood. We also believe that “I cant … “  is one of the most limiting and even damaging of thoughts that people can hold accidentally, e.g. "I cant be happy", or “I cant stop feeling anxious / angry / down" or "I cant stop worrying / smoking / shopping".  In response, we have drawn upon the best available evidence from psychology and CBT to set up The I Can Centre™ where people with health, educational or OCD-type thoughts around “I cant..” can be empowered and supported towards change. Our centre is a vital initiative towards A Kinder Society (see AKinderSociety.org).  We got underway as a social development centre in the summer of 2015 offering 1-1 CBT plus innovative training that we hope will help address stress and mood challenges to optimal health, well-being and development or functioning. 

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