Therapy following abortion 

Many women report a feeling of relief after abortion; but others can become distressed immediately, or years later. We are available to offer supports and insights for those women that want that support. We take a two-phased approach to interventions:

  • Phase 1 offers insights and basic coping strategies either via 1-1 CBT, or our community Stress Busters course [click here]
  • Phase 2 offers more in-depth specialist therapy via 1-1 support. By Sept 2018 however we hope to offer this specialist support via small groups and at low-cost (to those who have completed Phase 1). 

What is abortion? Isnt this a good thing? 

  Our clients and staff have a range of views about abortion, and these views are fully respected. However, as a centre, we will shortly start to air our concerns about abortion in the interests of transparency, and as part of a larger process of respectful discussion, communication and learning.  Comments will be most welcome, via social media, email or at any of our WHOW meetings (see below). 

However, before clicking on this information, or reading anything further, caution is needed as material can be distressing. If feeling vulnerable, we suggest postponing further reading in favour of self-care [click here], and getting further supports as needed, incl via ourselves, your GP, or other [click here] ​​

​​​​​The I Can Centre is NOT a crisis pregnancy centre and we do not advise women in crisis pregnancies.  Instead, our focus is on education, prevention and/or support, e.g. supporting women post abortion who are struggling, even years later, with pregnancy-related loss or distress.

Abortion explained with former abortionist Dr Anthony Levatino,

WHOW: Women Helping Other Women

Women Helping Other Women ("wow" with a "h") brings prolife and prochoice women together, in a respectful and supportive environment, to do what women do best - collaborateto share ideas about the best ways to support women in crisis pregnancies and give them real choices that enable.

- if you genuinely wish to see women continue their pregnancies to term, and/or to have real choices (beyond abortion), then help us find ways to make this happen, e.g. to access resources such as safe accommodation, along with a wide package of emotional and practical supports, incl childcare. 

- Help us lobby for baby boxes as brought in in Scotland to ensure each child begins life on an equal basis?  Help us secure child-friendly policies, paternity benefits (to help share childcare responsibilities) and/or accessible childcare?

​To join WHOW, and/or attend a meeting, please just get in touch in confidence and let's work collaboratively towards 'better'.  #TogetherIsBetter

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Research Study: Sharing your Story

​​​​We are carrying out in-depth interviews, in confidence, with women who have been through crisis pregnancies - those who have had an abortion, and those who continued to term.  We hope to use the findings anonymously,

  1. to refine cognitive models for psychological interventions, and
  2. to inform and guide WHOW interventions, i.e. interventions that might help and support women in crisis pregnancies. 

​To find out more, please contact our director directly and in confidence.