"Ann thank you so much for being you - you have helped me so much .. and I am in a far, far better place now.  I am sure there are other people out there who think and feel as I do about you and the work you are doing. Thank you for everything"

"I had this problem for many decades, ... but therapy has helped me see a new way of thinking, and a new way of behaving – so that my energy is not wasted any more. ... I have many things now to look forward to each day, and could never have imagined this (social) world that has now opened up to me. I feel very very very thankful. Thank you Ann.

"I didn’t used to like myself and couldn’t understand why others would like me, incl friends. I was just getting dragged down, and I  know I wasted a lot of time being down when I could have been happy and out enjoying myself. With CBT I got to know myself better, and I learnt to notice and express how I felt. This learning will help me identify a problem earlier, and take a different action. I feel way more confident now about the future

" I used to worry so much.  I just hadn’t realised that there was a different way. I feel more confident now about moving forward.  I am in a far better place now and have a better understanding generally. When you understand something, that’s half the battle because you are then in a stronger position to do something about it, and you don’t just get tossed along. I am definitely more confident about moving forward. Thank you so much"

Before booking a course of CBT with us, we strongly recommend a short 5-minute telephone conversation to establish your initial suitability for this type of therapy (FREE).  If CBT would seem to be in your best interest, a face-to-face meeting can then be scheduled, to discuss your situation further in confidence, and agree the best way forward. (NOTE:  FREE CBT is potentially available with a trainee for suitable clients;  get in touch, or check out our facebook page for more information and other such offers.)​


CBT Testimonials  [models in photos] 

CBT Overview 

CBT Counselling

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, is an advanced type of psychological therapy that is typically very effective in the treatment of depression and all types of anxiety problems including social anxiety disorder, health anxiety, phobias, stress, and generalised worrying.  

  • CBT focuses on the way in which our thinking (cognitions), emotions and behaviour are interconnected.
  • It is very much a collaborative type of therapy, where the clinician and the client work together to break particular problems into smaller components in order to understand how and why particular mood states are occurring.  ​
  • Ways to intervene to break maladaptive patterns are then reviewed and often rehearsed in real world settings. In-session learning is also augmented with agreed homework assignments where clients will then practice new skills or learning in order to get the most from this type of therapy.